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Your Smile Begins...

Below are simple definitions of the array of treatment options we offer at "your dental home for a lifetime." Our office has a variety of patient education materials written by the American Dental Association as well as our staff would be happy to answer all questions you might have concerning any of these treatments.


Prophy (Your Cleaning) - The recommendation of the American Dental Association and our office philosophy is the prevention of oral health diseases can happen through having professional cleanings every 6 months.  Even if you have just a few teeth, it’s important for your overall health to keep these teeth as long as possible and through consistent cleanings this can occur. Your prophy will be performed by one of our great hygienists, Betty or Sherry.


Whitening - Our team offers custom whitening trays and solutions based upon your desired brightness of your SMILE.


Fillings/Composites - The removal of decay from the tooth and the filling of the tooth with either composite(natural tooth color material) or amalgam

TMJ Issues - Do you have frequent headaches? Do you grind your teeth? Does your jaw pop or click? TMJ therapy appliance can take the pressure off your teeth, protect your SMILE.  Through constant clenching or grinding, you can actually break your teeth as well as damage your jaw joint.

MTM® Clear•Aligner is the virtually undetectable way to align your smile without traditional braces. MTM® Clear•Aligner uses clear, removable aligners to correct slight misalignments (such as crowding or gaps). Each custom fit aligner is fabricated per your doctor’s treatment plan, to progressively advance your teeth into their ideal position, leaving you with a healthy and beautiful smile.

Crowns - Crowns are single teeth covers for your natural tooth in the event that too much of it is decayed or broken.

Bridges - Multiple Crowns that are lined together to replace missing teeth.

Dentures - Replacement for all teeth that are missing.  Implants can be used as anchors to help secure dentures and improve overall satisfaction.


Dental Implants -Implants are fixtures that are placed in the jaws to serve as anchors for individual teeth or to help hold in dentures.


Veneers - Ready for an instant whitening, veneers are covers for your teeth.  They will cover your natural teeth and will be the right shade for your complexion as well as the right length for your SMILE.


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